Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jack Spooky inspired~

I tried to do my makeup like Jack Spooky... it's not that great. I have a lot to improve on. I like the lips though.

Hurr durr.
Anyway, Yeah. I didn't really do the eyebrows cause... well, I tried and I looked like a drag queen Satan, it was hilarious.
Well, err... that's it! I hope you didn't laugh too hard...

Au revoir, cheri~!

Everyone hates me.

Well, I kinda just noticed I'm never going to have any good friends because I can't let anyone in, and I'm stupid and incapable of reacting well in social situations.
No shit, Sherlock.
Also, I'm too picky with people. And there's no one like me, or even anyone I would hang out with, around here.
Fuck this shit.
All I want is a friend I'm allowed to see.
I've also been really feeling terrible recently. Like I'm in the wrong body. I want to be a tall, skeletally thin man, please and thank you. And I will never be just that. Fuck.
I've also been looking up more on plastic surgery, and the nose job I yearn for could quite easily become a reality. Fuck yeah.
Okay, I'm gonna post my ~visual fail~ pictures now, after this.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


It's been a proper while, yeah? Well, not much is going on anyway. But, tonight I plan on taking more pictures, inspired by both Jack Spooky and Peggy Giggles.... a mix between the two. I'll make sure I post pictures.
Also, I might edit my layout a bit. I dunno what to do though, all I know is right now my blog is ugly.
Yeah, well. I'm off.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Je suis mort.

I haven't been doing much recently...
Just sitting. I really don't know.
At least it's the weekend, right?
I have nothing to say.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Last night was fun. I dressed up like Peggy Giggles and took pictures~

 I like this one best.

I look like a demon here.

This one's really weird, I don't like it much.

Augh... hi.

This one is like the other one, but I like it better.

Er, that's all the pictures for now. Mind as well write a proper blog now.

I have school again tomorrow. Math tests all week... kill me now. Other than that, I have no plans, no life... ahahaha fuck me.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm shaking. I feel sick.

Everything hurts today.
I woke up too early, and I just feel like shit. As always.
Today, I heard that a C-elf had gone missing after SS3 in Shanghai. Nobody knew where she was, but today... they found her.
She was raped, beaten. She lost 25% of her blood.
People make me sick. I hate them.
As for her, I hope she gets better soon... thus far, she's been acting like the same person she was.
I never talked to her personally, I never even followed her blog on Tumblr. I'm a shit elf as well, so I don't see why this has affected me so much.
Maybe it's just because I know so many people who have gotten raped, and I know that nobody deserves it. It isn't a joke, it's fucking sick. And, depending on how fragile a person's mentality is before it happens, it can absolutely break a person.
She's in my thoughts.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Tonight I decided to scare the shit out of myself. I found a blog, a very nice blog, with pages and pages of freaky Japanese stories and videos.
A few of the videos really scared me, even though they were nothing but meaningless static and noises.
There's something about being scared, though. I haven't watched a scary movie, or anything in a while that has actually frightened me, so this was welcomed.
I'm gonna go do other things with my life now.

Yet again, a new blog.

I always make these-
OOH! My Mum just walked in and handed me pizza!
Anyway... I always make these cause I need a place to type out massive amounts of shit, so hey.
Today was good... I got really confused over some shit half way through the day, though.
Uh... I think that's all I have to say.