Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm shaking. I feel sick.

Everything hurts today.
I woke up too early, and I just feel like shit. As always.
Today, I heard that a C-elf had gone missing after SS3 in Shanghai. Nobody knew where she was, but today... they found her.
She was raped, beaten. She lost 25% of her blood.
People make me sick. I hate them.
As for her, I hope she gets better soon... thus far, she's been acting like the same person she was.
I never talked to her personally, I never even followed her blog on Tumblr. I'm a shit elf as well, so I don't see why this has affected me so much.
Maybe it's just because I know so many people who have gotten raped, and I know that nobody deserves it. It isn't a joke, it's fucking sick. And, depending on how fragile a person's mentality is before it happens, it can absolutely break a person.
She's in my thoughts.

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