Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Everyone hates me.

Well, I kinda just noticed I'm never going to have any good friends because I can't let anyone in, and I'm stupid and incapable of reacting well in social situations.
No shit, Sherlock.
Also, I'm too picky with people. And there's no one like me, or even anyone I would hang out with, around here.
Fuck this shit.
All I want is a friend I'm allowed to see.
I've also been really feeling terrible recently. Like I'm in the wrong body. I want to be a tall, skeletally thin man, please and thank you. And I will never be just that. Fuck.
I've also been looking up more on plastic surgery, and the nose job I yearn for could quite easily become a reality. Fuck yeah.
Okay, I'm gonna post my ~visual fail~ pictures now, after this.

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